Hybrid Single In Line Radial Resistor Networks

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Material: Plastic

These are Hybrid Radial Resistor Networks, These are trimmed as well as hybrid Networks, These can be made as per customer required specifications, Lead Nos will vary from 3 to 16 pin and samples can be supplied for initial testing purpose.

Integrated Electronics Technology Pvt Ltd

Integrated Electronics Technology Pvt Ltd

A-218, Road 16V, Wagle Industrial Estate,

Product Specification:

INTRON precision thin film SIL resistor networks are made by vacuum depositing a controlled film of NiCr on high purity alumina substrate. The resistors are formed using high resolution photolithography. The conducting traces are formed by deposited copper. The values are micro trimmed to the exact value with built in absolute and ratio tolerances. The TCR and tolerance is obtained by process capability and does not rely on a selection process. Any custom design resistor network within the manufacturing capability can be supplied.

Hybrid Radial Resistor Networks Datasheet

  • Number of pins 3 to 16 Single in Line
  • Substrate Material Alumina
  • Resistive Material NiCr with thin and/or thick
  • Body Powder Epoxy Coated
  • Terminals Lead Frame with 0.1” spacing
  • Marking As per customer given code

There is nothing standard about these hybrids
everything depends on what you design.
The following parameters are just for your guidance.

  • Resistance Range: 10 Ohm to 10 M Ohm
  • Absolute Tolerance : 0.1%, 0.5%, 1%, 5%
  • Ratio Tolerance : down to 0.05% (depends on values and absolute tolerance)
  • Absolute TCR : ±5, ±10, ±15, ±25, ±50 ppm/C
  • TCR Tracking : down to ±5 ppm/C
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0C to +75 C
  • Insulation Resistance: 10,000M Ohm

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Integrated Electronics Technology Pvt Ltd



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Resistors & Potentiometers



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A-218, Road 16V, Wagle Industrial Estate,

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INTRON is synonymous with precision and stability in the Indian Electronics Industry for the last 40 years. It was set up by Dr.Wasudeo Jirafe, a pioneer in the field of microelectronics with a dream of bringing high precision metal foil resistor products