About Us

Electronic Industries Association of India was established in 1967 when India's Electronics industry was still in its infancy. Since then, Electronic Industries Association of India has been well known as an interactive forum for electronics and IT manufacturers. Apart from the basic objective of promoting hardware manufacturing through active representation and advice to the Government, Electronic Industries Association of India has been networking with national and international technical institutions and business promotion bodies to further the interests of its members. Today, in an increasingly liberalised environment, there is greater focus on professional and value-added services rendered by the Association to the Electronics and IT Community.

As India's oldest and largest electronics Association, Electronic Industries Association of India has always remained committed to the promotion of electronics manufacturing culture in the country, focusing on components - the building blocks of electronics industry. ELCINA, now renamed as Electronic Industries Association of India, has widened its horizons and broadened its activities to include the development of entire Electronics and IT Hardware, including components & assemblies, consumer electronics, telecom, IT, industrial/professional, defence/strategic electronics and other emerging areas like medical and automobile electronics, embedded systems and hardware design.

Electronic Industries Association of India continues to work towards correlating the common interest of electronic hardware manufacturers with that of manufacturers of electronic materials, machinery and service providers, for accelerating growth.

Electronic Industries Association of India has taken the initiative to create awareness on issues impacting hardware manufacturing, such as policy and environmental developments, drawing up a well-defined agenda for both - the Government as well as the industry. Electronic Industries Association of India believes that the Government and the industry need to work together to stimulate manufacturing and catalyse an IT/Electronics boom that is sustainable. In sync with this philosophy, Electronic Industries Association of India is persistently working for changes that would strengthen India's electronics and IT manufacturing base and make it a leader on the world electronics map.


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